[dns-operations] Question about query load tools (and ICANN's PDT testing)

John Dickinson jad at sinodun.com
Wed Aug 10 08:54:06 UTC 2016

On 10 Aug 2016, at 9:27, Ray Bellis wrote:

> On 09/08/2016 19:52, Jake Zack wrote:
>> What’s the latest and greatest by way of authoritative DNS server
>> performance testing?
>> I’ve used ‘dnsperf’ mostly up until now…but it doesn’t seem 
>> to support TCP.
>> Thanks for any guidance you can give,
>> -Jacob Zack
> Sinodun recently produced some TCP patches for dnsperf.

I did! I am just waiting for one of my co-workers to do a code review 
and I will put the code up on github hopefully this week.


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