[dns-operations] Python or Ruby

Fred Morris m3047 at m3047.net
Mon Feb 9 18:40:53 UTC 2015

On Mon, 9 Feb 2015, Brett wrote:
> [...] Ruby or Python [...] some kind of DNS library [...]

Ruby vs Python may be an aesthetic choice, but I hear people talk about
the Python language whereas nobody talks about Ruby, they talk about the
libraries. A meaningful distinction?

I used to use Perl and I found the DNS library mostly bug-free and it
wasn't that hard to hackerishly convert stuff to/from wire format. It was
also relatively easy to code in C and call that (Inline::C).

I use mostly Python now (no Ruby). I like the language much better. :-)
dnspython is full-featured but the docs are difficult, "how do I?" is not
intuitive, and it has bugs: Stack traces from unicode. Thick quotes around
TXT record rvalues (yes this is a bug). It's quirky. Should be o.k. if I
have to code in C, but I haven't needed to yet.

(Code for the bug fixes? You'll have to talk to my employer about that.)


Fred Morris

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