[dns-operations] Why are cnames called "canonical" names?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Fri Apr 10 02:28:13 UTC 2015

Mark E. Jeftovic wrote:
> ...
> The question isn't "which side of a cname is the canonical name", the
> question is "why did they decide to call it 'canonical'" (as opposed to
> calling it some other word than 'canonical' that meant exactly the same
> thing as what 'canonical' means.

http://www.thesaurus.net/canonical says:

> Synonyms:
> regular (adjective)
> accustomed,	average,	chronic,	common,	commonplace,	constant,	continual, conventional,	customary,	cyclical,	epochal,	everyday,	familiar,	frequent, general,	habitual,	metronomic,	monotonous,	mundane,	normal,	ordinary, orthodox,	periodic,	predominating,	prevailing,	recurrent,	regular,	rhythmic, routine,	standard,	steady,	stock,	traditional,	universal,	usual.
> ritualistic (adjective)
> Eucharistic,	ceremonial,	liturgical,	ritual,	ritualistic,	sacramental.

i don't like any of those more than "canonical" for this meaning. what do you have in mind?

Paul Vixie

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