[dns-operations] Pointers to _good_ DNS on-line tutorials ....

Frederic Cambus fred at statdns.com
Thu Mar 27 15:20:23 UTC 2014

Hi Barry,

> I've got a couple of teams here in Indonesia who need to get up to speed on detailed DNS architecture and operations (not the basics - they have those). Does anyone have any pointers to good materials on-line. There are lots of basic DNS materials. NLabs has a good workshop online (see http://www.dns-school.org/). I've dusted off my old archive (from ISP Workshop days). If you have favorites, please send.

I maintain a collection of DNS and DNSSEC related resources here :

The "DNSSEC Resources" and "Books" sections might be interesting.

Hope this helps.
Frederic Cambus - StatDNS

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