[dns-operations] different dns servers for different domains.

Mike Hoskins (michoski) michoski at cisco.com
Fri Jul 11 21:42:53 UTC 2014

I wouldn't do that just with resolv.conf, though maybe someone has such
magic.  :-)

In the past I've used a combination of tools with resolv.conf...  for
example, you could configure views with different forwarders if you
control the remote name servers already in resolv.conf, or
BIND/dnscache/similar on the local box which redirects specific domains as
configured with a catchall for everything else (then resolv.conf just
points to or wherever your local cache listens for queries).

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Subject: [dns-operations] different dns servers for different domains.

>I'm trying to create a /etc/resolv.conf where one dns server is used
>in the case of one domain, and a different dns server is used for
>For example:
>ping www.mydomain.com
>    should lookup based off of
>ping www.us-west.compute.internal
>    should lookup based off of
>This should be an exceedingly simple task, but its proving more
>difficult than I thought (no examples on the internet, the docs are
>not straightforward, etc)
>Anyone have a simple example /etc/resolv.conf that does the above?
>Thanks much,
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