[dns-operations] [OT] What are the most desirable skills, experience & education for [becoming] a good "DNS engineer"?

Stefan netfortius at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 18:27:46 UTC 2014

I know this may sound a little odd, but have been struggling with trying to
identify a good candidate for a DNS (& DHCP) migration of a large
infrastructure, from Windows based environment, to a vendor based appliance
(and keeping such as a full time employee, in the process, in the network
group, for administration and lifecycle of such).

I would think that primordial to a level of strong engineering abilities
would be networking (TCP/[UDP]/IP on top of which DNS as protocol and its
behaviors knowledge would be a must). The OS level knowledge comes next, as
bind on *nix or on F5 (thinking GTM here), for example, needs to be
comprehensively understood, as well as the Windows implementation and
relationship between DNS and AD. Security comes as a "given", of course, as
name resolution is critical from that stand point, especially on the public
facing part. Vendor "X" appliance background is also desirable, on top of
all these, 'cause that would be the "moving to" point, and understanding
specifics will be critical. Add to this knowledge of applications and
possible name resolution specifics at layer 7, maybe not following the
"rules" of the OS stubs, and I pretty much covered the entire computer
science spectrum ;-)

Considering all of the above - what is your experience and/or opinion in
regards to how a good DNS engineer (or a good engineer with primary
responsibility in another technology) came to become? What helped you the
most in becoming one?

Thank you,
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