[dns-operations] knot-dns

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at arbor.net
Mon Dec 15 19:40:14 UTC 2014

On 16 Dec 2014, at 1:42, Mike Hoskins (michoski) wrote:

> You can acknowledge things aren't a panacea, while still deriving some 
> benefits from them.

My point is that the negatives far outweigh the benefits in most 

> Monitoring/analytics (intelligence) is key, so the operator can 
> intelligently control flows across their services based on risks and 
> observed threats.

Yes, I'm a big advocate of this - but it's honored more in the breach 
than in the observance, all in all.

Concentrating on telemetry and analytics, and in the people to utilize 
same, makes a lot more sense than concentrating on software diversity, 
in most organizations.  Worrying about software diversity is something 
to do after you've done just about everything else you can to improve 
your security posture.

Roland Dobbins <rdobbins at arbor.net>

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