[dns-operations] gpo.gov issues

Gilles Massen gilles.massen at restena.lu
Thu Oct 31 21:33:42 UTC 2013


Trying to refine the issue: you get the timeout when the buffer size <
response size. Everything between 2468 and 4096 is working fine. As for
the other records: they produce smaller responses - presumably below MTU.

So I would guess at a problem with the truncating logic (or a magic box
on the wire): whenever an answer is supposed to contain the TC bit, it
breaks. With bufsize=512 the problem disappears as a different answer
logic kicks in (only the answer section) resulting in small replies.

What is supporting the theory is that queries like "dig @ns1.gpo.gov
gpo.gov dnskey +dnssec +norecurse +bufsize=1200" do work (falling back
to TCP), but with a warning: ";; Warning: Message parser reports
malformed message packet.". I didn't look any closer at the packet. Why
this does get an (malformed) answer but the MX queries not could be the
MTU barrier.

What the cause of this is I wouldn't dare to guess...


On 31/10/13, 22:00 , Timothy Morizot wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've encountered an issue resolving MX records from gpo.gov
> <http://gpo.gov>. It's unlike anything I've encountered before and I'm
> stumped. It took me a while to figure out why resolution of just that
> one record type for the zone was failing. But I was finally able to
> recreate it. (The queries below are from my home network since I have
> more access and it's easier to pull examples here than at work. But I
> reproduced the same thing at work.) Because we had encountered issues
> getting fragmented UDP responses from some authoritative servers for
> DNSSEC signed zones with an edns0 buffer of 4096 (presumably because
> they were blocking outbound udp fragments on their firewalls) we've
> reduced the advertised buffer size on our caches to 1280. When I query
> the authoritative nameservers for gpo.gov <http://gpo.gov> directly with
> a bufsize of 4096, I get a response. When I try an intermediate buffer
> size, the query times out. When I reduce it all the way to 512 bytes, I
> get a response again.
> When I run the same queries (well, obviously without +norecurse) through
> an intermediate cache (my own personal one with a 4096 buffer size, the
> OVDR servers, etc.) I get a response for all specified buffer sizes. I
> don't have a similar problem querying any other authoritative nameserver
> for a signed zone that I can find. I'm stumped. And it's just MX record
> queries. SOA, DNSKEY, A, and NS responses all work just fine with
> different buffer sizes.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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