[dns-operations] All NSs for a TLD being in the TLD itself

Einar Lönn einar.lonn at iis.se
Tue Oct 29 15:26:48 UTC 2013

Hi again,

Someone found a link to the survey I was talking about below, it was on DNS-OARC and not RIPE/DNS-OP so no wonder I couldn't find it... It's a very interesting read even though DNSSEC makes things more interesting and might not have been taken properly into account at the time of it's inception, but I still think it's worth a read & thought.

Subject: [dns-operations] DNS trust dependencies for ICANN TLDs
From: Matthew Dempsky <matthew at dempsky.org>
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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 20:02:20 -0700
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(ps. Oh, and the fact that we're stated as having a "close to perfect setup" and blabla goldstar++ is of course very flattering and all but *please* do not think this is any reason why I want to point at this survey! ;p It's just very interesting considering what we've discussed sofar and also when considering DNSSEC and BCP of naming schemes. ds.)

	/Regards, Einar

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