[dns-operations] Should medium-sized companies run their own recursive resolver?

Daniel Kalchev daniel at digsys.bg
Wed Oct 16 10:14:06 UTC 2013

On 14.10.13 21:46, Doug Barton wrote:
> We of the DNS literati tend to forget just how difficult this stuff 
> really is, and how hard it is for companies to prioritize spending 
> money on things that usually "just work." I can't count the number of 
> times I got "emergency" calls when I was consulting about how some 
> enterprise needed my help right away because "the Internet is down" 
> ... only to get a call 30 minutes later letting me know I wasn't 
> needed because someone accidentally rebooted the right thing and now 
> "the Internet" is working again. They don't care, and they don't 
> *want* to care. They just want it to work.

Very true.

The solution is to turn DNS resolves to appliances, with clear labels 
"DNS resolver". Then we can leave the task of restarting the appliance 
to whoever needs Internet there. Just as they will do with any other 
device which has power switch or cord.

Adding a label "no user serviceable parts inside, in case of malfunction 
call ... " will help further.

For those who do not pretend to be ignorant, setting up and 
"maintaining" recursive DNS resolver is trivial.

By the way, 10% is ok. ;-)


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