[dns-operations] DNS-OARC Fall Workshop Final Information

Keith Mitchell keith at dns-oarc.net
Sat Oct 5 03:25:11 UTC 2013

Here's final information for the our AGM and Fall workshop for this
weekend in Phoenix.

Saturday morning will be OARC's Annual General Meeting, with formal
business and content targeted at OARC Members. The webcast for this is
closed, if you represent a member and did not get credentials and proxy
voting information already, please contact <admin at dns-oarc.net> ASAP.

The full meeting timetable is now available at:


Saturday afternoon's open workshop starts at 2pm local time (22:00
UTC), and includes a themed session from various contributors who
have been analysing DITL data for ICANN's "High-Risks Strings
Collisions" study.

We then wrap up Saturday with a number of talks about DNS tools.

Note that we will only be providing attendee lunch on Saturday, on
Sunday you will need to make your own eating arrangements.

Sunday starts with an update on OARC's infrastructure improvements, then
has a range of talks on various ways in which is abused, finishing with
an overview of DNS Abuse intended to appeal to NANOG attendees.

For remote attendance, our ARIN-sponsored webcast will be at:


with slides linked to from the above meeting timetable page, and
jabber remote participation at:

	xmpp:dns-operations at conference.jabber.dns-oarc.net

For on-site connectivity, we'll be using the NANOG/ARIN meeting wireless
network, see:


for details.

During the Saturday lunch break, Peter Losher will be running a PGP
signing session, please submit your keys to <plosher at isc.org> for upload
to the meeting keyring which will be published on the meeting site.

Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors ARIN and CIRA, and to NANOG and
ICANN for their support of this workshop.


(and apologies for the outage to the Indico server during the past 24
hours, I'm pleased to report we now have this upgraded to new hardware.)

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