[dns-operations] authority outage for ns[1-5].msft.net?

Paul Ferguson fergdawgster at mykolab.com
Thu Nov 21 23:35:06 UTC 2013

They are responding to queries again.

- ferg

On 11/21/2013 3:17 PM, David Dagon wrote:

> Hi,
>    Trying from various locations, I can't seem to reach these
> authorities:
>      ns3.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
>      ns1.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
>      ns5.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
>      ns2.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
>      ns4.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
> which act as authority for xbox.com, outlook.com, various windows
> update domains, and 77K or so domains.  I can see domains still in
> caches, some soon to time out.  And traceroutes die at ntwk.msn.net,
> so perhaps traffic volume is not the cause.  (Though surely there's a
> retry storm under way.)  I note a few posts on forums, just a few
> minutes old.  So perhaps this is a recent development.
> Is there someone on list who can contact Microsoft?  (Surely they
> know about this.)

Paul Ferguson
PGP Public Key ID: 0x63546533

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