[dns-operations] authority outage for ns[1-5].msft.net?

David Dagon dagon at sudo.sh
Thu Nov 21 23:17:24 UTC 2013


  Trying from various locations, I can't seem to reach these

    ns3.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
    ns1.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
    ns5.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
    ns2.msft.net.           172800  IN      A
    ns4.msft.net.           172800  IN      A

which act as authority for xbox.com, outlook.com, various windows
update domains, and 77K or so domains.  I can see domains still in
caches, some soon to time out.  And traceroutes die at ntwk.msn.net,
so perhaps traffic volume is not the cause.  (Though surely there's a
retry storm under way.)  I note a few posts on forums, just a few
minutes old.  So perhaps this is a recent development.

Is there someone on list who can contact Microsoft?  (Surely they
know about this.)

David Dagon
dagon at sudo.sh
D970 6D9E E500 E877 B1E3  D3F8 5937 48DC 0FDC E717

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