[dns-operations] Querying version.bind illegal?

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Thu May 23 14:09:47 UTC 2013

Jared Mauch (jared) writes:
> Looking at a.2.C, it could apply to anything a DNS server replies with.  Then again, it's a server so meant to be a public item, so I wouldn't be concerned.

	That's a tricky assumption - it really depends what you
	were querying *for* on the server: a query like server.bind,
	while being a well established way of querying for the software
	and version of a DNS server, does not mean you are allowed to
	probe for that specific information in the eyes of the owner.

	IANAL, and I do agree with you about not being concerned, but I'm
	always cautious when giving advice to other people :)


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