[dns-operations] 20130625 survey version.bind

Chip Marshall chip at 2bithacker.net
Wed Jun 26 14:56:42 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-25, Jared Mauch <jared at puck.nether.net> sent:
> The openresolver project surveyed version.bind from those
> resolvers that respond from port 53 based on the 20130616
> dataset.
> I know this will be of value to some people in understanding
> what resolvers may be reaching their systems.
> Here are the results:
> http://openresolverproject.org/version.bind.20130616.20130625.parsed.txt


  14558 SERVFAIL

Is that resolvers that return a SERVFAIL code, or are they
actually returning "SERVFAIL" in a TXT record?

Chip Marshall <chip at 2bithacker.net>
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