[dns-operations] Problem with ns.uu.net

Jaana Järve netcat at uninet.ee
Wed Jul 3 16:01:13 UTC 2013


the problem has been fixed (finally) - or at least temporarily patched and
people are looking for a more permanent solution.  And
(uncharacteristically for Verizon) we have even received information as to
what may have gone wrong.

Incidentally their helpdesk let us know that they are planning to drop
providing free secondary services at some nearish point in time. Possibly
they might do so without prior coordination with the primaries, so if
there's anybody else here using them for that kind of thing, beware.

Thanks to everybody who has helped to troubleshoot this problem, also those
of you who were previously unable to query ns.uu.net at all may find that
it has started working for you.
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