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Mon Feb 25 17:56:09 UTC 2013

Today at 15:46 (-0200), Carlos M. Martinez wrote:

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> On principle I would hate my ISP messing around with
my traffic,
> regardless of any good intentions.

Agreed.  Wholeheartedly.  It behooves us to treat
the underlying silliness instead of band-aiding the

"Hey, you know this gun has bullets in it, right?"

.... and if they insist on shooting themselves with
it, you did your best to inform/educate.

 - Christopher


> regards,
> ~Carlos
> On 2/25/13 3:26 PM, Graham Beneke wrote:
>> I discovered the other day that a large customer of
$dayjob has decided
>> that it is a good idea to outsource the LAN support
for their head
>> office and NOC to a mom-and-pop IT shop. While I
question the wisdom in
>> that, I was far more concerned by the fact that this
mom-and-pop shop
>> had configured Google Public DNS as the resolver for
everything on their
>> LAN.
>> Now on my corner of the planet Google DNS is 190ms
away. Never mind the
>> mess we have with all the CDNs mapping their traffic
to a different
>> continent.
>> So what are you thoughts on capturing these queries
and answering them
>> on local resolvers that are<10ms away?
>> The folks at Google are certainly not going to
encourage us to spoof
>> responses from their servers but are there any other
potential pitfalls
>> with doing this to save the customers from
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