[dns-operations] zone format bind9

Robert Edmonds edmonds at isc.org
Mon Feb 11 20:39:21 UTC 2013

Randy Bush wrote:
>     rip.psg.com:/usr/home/dns/secondary# named-compilezone -f raw -F text -i none -o - cctld cctld
>     dns_master_load: unsupported file format version
>     zone cctld/IN: loading from master file cctld failed: not implemented
> i am not in love with this binary format <bleep>

i am not a BIND developer, but have you tried using named-compilezone
built from the same version of BIND as the named that generated the raw
zonefile?  i believe the file format was revised in 9.9.x.

    3242.   [func]      Extended the header of raw-format master files to
                include the serial number of the zone from which
                they were generated, if different (as in the case
                of inline-signing zones).  This is to be used in
                inline-signing zones, to track changes between the
                unsigned and signed versions of the zone, which may
                have different serial numbers.

                (Note: raw zonefiles generated by this version of
                BIND are no longer compatible with prior versions.
                To generate a backward-compatible raw zonefile
                using dnssec-signzone or named-compilezone, specify
                output format "raw=0" instead of simply "raw".)
                [RT #26587]

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at isc.org

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