[dns-operations] go daddy refuses to register NS not otherwise associated with go daddy controlled domains

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Wed Sep 12 05:09:25 UTC 2012

On 12 sep 2012, at 03:00, Joe Abley <jabley at hopcount.ca> wrote:

> The registry requirement is that a host object exist before a domain object is linked to it (this is the NET registry we're talking about; other TLD registries can be and are different). Further, a host object with a nameserver whose name is subordinate to the registry (in this case, ends in NET) needs to have address records associated with it, and is sponsored by the registrar who sponsors the domain the nameserver is subordinate to.

Let me emphasize that this rule is VERY different in different TLDs, specifically if you go outside of the gTLDs. It in some cases (as described) is also depending on what registrar you use as some of them explicitly want to bundle registrar services with other services (like DNS hosting).

But, what to remember is that the data model used in EPP do have a host object that is linked to from the domain object. I.e. "the NS in the domain object" is a link to the host object. Not "just data".

Same with contacts by the way.

A "registration of a domain name" (in a TLD that have the form me stupid rule of require delegation when a domain is registered) is in fact:

1. Create all contact objects
2. Create all host objects
3. Create the domain object and link it to the contacts and hosts


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