[dns-operations] go daddy refuses to register NS not otherwise associated with go daddy controlled domains

George Michaelson ggm at apnic.net
Wed Sep 12 00:13:55 UTC 2012

this is more tending to the provisioning and the registrar requirements side of things, than DNS on the wire.

I recently wrote to godaddy asking why they refused to let me specify arbitrary NS against my domain.

Their answer is quite succinct:

Dear George,

Thank you for contacting Online Support regarding nameservers. You can only registered nameservers for domains you have with us. If the nameservers you are attempting to use do not involve a domain with us then the other company needs to register those nameservers. We only allow registered nameservers to be used on domains with us. 

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Jason P
Online Support Representative

I am struggling to understand how a registrar can apply this restriction facing updates to registry for my domain. Surely this wasn't forseen as a requirement for registrar operations?

Given that the only entity which can update my WHOIS record is .. godaddy, this is a real non-sequiteur answer: I am catch-22 if I retain a relationship with this registrar.

Oh yes: new domains are captive for 60 days. So.. I can't move registrar for another 2 months.

(I did in-baliwick NS, and got round it)


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