[dns-operations] Go Daddy is down

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight michele at blacknight.ie
Mon Sep 10 20:53:28 UTC 2012

Well I've only been trying domain.me and godaddy.com via my mobile :-)



Mr. Michele Neylon

Via iPhone so excuse typos and brevity

On 10 Sep 2012, at 22:34, "Joe Abley" <jabley at hopcount.ca> wrote:

> (not picking on you particularly, general knee-jerk comment follows)
> On 2012-09-10, at 16:24, Aaron Cossey <aaron.cossey at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Still out here in Germany at 2022UTC. Very interested to read what
>> happened when its back up.
> These problem reports would be a lot more useful if they included things like:
> - what actual nameserver or nameservers you're trying to reach
> - what test you're doing
> - what the result of the test was (what you mean by "out")
> - what source address (or at least source AS) the test was performed from
> - where the destination appeared to be to you (traceroute)
> - when you did the test
> "OK from France", "Up here in Toronto" or "Out in Germany" don't tell me much. GoDaddy are associated with lots of nameservers; I bet some of the different responses here are because people are not all looking at the same one.
> Note that I'm not especially suggesting that continuing the avalanche with all that information included would be a good thing on this list (I'm not really a fan of avalanches) but if you're going to send information to others, presumably to help them troubleshoot, detail is handy.
> My knee feels fine, now.
> Joe
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