[dns-operations] How to get the anycast networks?

dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de
Sat Oct 13 19:04:49 UTC 2012

Am Sa, 13.10.12 um 14:06:25 Uhr 
schrieb David Miller <dmiller at tiggee.com>:

> On 10/13/2012 5:41 AM, dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de wrote:

> > An anycasted DNS only helps, if your 'other infrastructure', e.g. your
> > webservers, are also setup 'around the world' to keep the distance low.
> This is incorrect.

In general you are right. I had something like a CDN in mind. Here the
initial delay from the dns lookup will have only a small impact on the
general performance. When having all webservers in one region and
deploying only nameservers anycasted the performance, in my opinion, will
not increase much.


> Most root server operators (and many TLD/ccTLD operators) use anycast
> addressing/routing for DNS because anycasted DNS "helps" them despite
> the fact that they don't run any 'other infratructure' in a distributed
> fashion under those domains.  This isn't an accident.

Of course. From the initial question I was not thinking into TLD/ccTLD,
where load balancing an terminating bogus traffic near the origin is
important, as various papers show.


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