[dns-operations] PTR records, and IANA blackhole

Fr34k freaknetboy at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 16 20:37:54 UTC 2012

Hello Chris,

I can say that we noticed, about a year ago, some type of blackhole-like behavior.

We discovered an issue where some of our recursive servers (oddly limited to servers in Eastern US) would get a timeout (i.e., ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached) from RFC1918 PTR requests instead of the normal NXDOMAIN response.

Instead of trying to find out who/what/why/where our queries were being dropped, we figured the better thing to do is to stop the DNS pollution from leaving our network in the first place.  So, that became our plan of action.

Ironically, within days after we customized our servers for handling RFC1918, a new BIND version came out with the "empty-zones-enable yes;" option which accomplished the same thing, but better.

That timing was strange.
What is more strange than that?

I was able to verify we were still being blackholed when I started to compose this email.
When I run some additional testing now, it seems we are no longer seeing the blackhole-like behavior.

Perhaps your inquiry put some fix magic in motion, or I should buy a lotto ticket (?).  Perhaps both.

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>Anyone else seeing timeouts from blackhole-1.iana.org and
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