[dns-operations] The (very) uneven distribution of DNS root servers on the Internet

paul vixie paul at redbarn.org
Wed May 16 02:16:08 UTC 2012

On 5/15/2012 5:03 PM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> ... This kind of worry (and I want to emphasise I don't share it; I'm
> just pointing out that people who like to worry about this sort of
> thing have an argument) could be addressed by various server operators
> providing outlines of how they select sites, what their provisioning
> assumptions are, and so on.

none of the rootops puts our terms of service on the root-servers.org
web site, because it might look like advertising. but anyone from isc is
happy to talk about it; for example i can say right here right now that
we go where we're wanted: we rely on local sponsors. we prefer internet
exchanges but we've done some inside-ISP f-root installs when there
either isn't a local IX or the ISP is huge. we like to control our own
BGP, so the inside-ISP installs will usually not be offered to that
ISP's peers or transits, only to their customers.

other rootops have their own wonderfully diverse criteria; that's a feature.


"I suspect I'm not known as a font of optimism." (VJS, 2012)

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