[dns-operations] EDNS/Client IP-Address submission

Florian Streibelt dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de
Mon Jun 18 09:16:00 UTC 2012

Hi list,

at least OpenDNS and google take part in a project, where the resolvers submit the client IP address in the query.

Details: http://www.afasterinternet.com/howitworks.htm

Quote: "Today, if you’re using OpenDNS or Google Public DNS and visiting a website or using a service provided by one of the participating networks or CDNs in the Global Internet Speedup then a truncated version of your IP address will be added into the DNS request."

I did see different answers by ns1.google.com depending on the client IP I submit - but what I do not see is google forwarding this information to the nameservers of my domains.

Does anybody on this list know who else implements this and if google uses a whitelist of resolvers to forward these edns packets?



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