[dns-operations] Reverse DNSSEC--delegating to a child

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Tue Jul 24 12:21:58 UTC 2012

On 24/07/2012 14:03, Chris Thompson wrote:

Hi Chris,

> On Jul 23 2012, Joe Abley wrote:
> [...]
>> When you have signed 207.151.in-addr.arpa and are confident that it
>> validates correctly, you will need to get a DS record published in the
>> parent zone, 151.in-addr.arpa. That zone is operated by the RIPE NCC,
>> and so you will need to talk to them.
> This isn't in the RIPE NCC database, so I suspect it is ERX space and
> you need to "talk" to your own RIR (ARIN?). The RIRs that are up to speed
> on this exchange NS + DS data for delegations of ERX space so that they
> end up in the right high-level reverse zone.
> "Talk" ought to mean "use the web interface". It certainly would if
> you were in fact updating the RIPE NCC database.

You're right. This address range is an early registration. Karen should
be able to use the ARIN web interface to upload DS records. ARIN will
then publish the NS+DS records in the 151.in-addr.arpa zonelet on its
FTP server, and the RIPE NCC will pick it up and insert the delegation
information into 151.in-addr.arpa.


Anand Buddhdev

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