[dns-operations] Reverse DNSSEC--delegating to a child

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 24 12:03:01 UTC 2012

On Jul 23 2012, Joe Abley wrote:
>When you have signed 207.151.in-addr.arpa and are confident that it
>validates correctly, you will need to get a DS record published in the
>parent zone, 151.in-addr.arpa. That zone is operated by the RIPE NCC,
>and so you will need to talk to them.

This isn't in the RIPE NCC database, so I suspect it is ERX space and
you need to "talk" to your own RIR (ARIN?). The RIRs that are up to speed
on this exchange NS + DS data for delegations of ERX space so that they
end up in the right high-level reverse zone.

"Talk" ought to mean "use the web interface". It certainly would if
you were in fact updating the RIPE NCC database.

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