[dns-operations] Google Public DNS and round robin records

Mark Jeftovic markjr at easydns.com
Sun Jul 22 17:03:21 UTC 2012

Yes you can run your own resolvers where you can better control all this stuff, but often times you cannot control that your remote clients actually use it ( most people probably have no idea what they are using for resolvers and just end up with whatever their local access policy gives them )

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On 2012-07-22, at 12:51 PM, Paul Vixie <paul at redbarn.org> wrote:

> On 2012-07-22 4:19 PM, Mark Jeftovic wrote:
>> ...
>> If this is true, is it a stretch to see this impacting traffic patterns
>> on a host whose traffic is almost 100% mobile devices, more so than
>> other, standard websites using round robin?
> yes.
> when round robin was conceived, the idea of outsourced recursive dns was
> even more unthinkable than it is today, and the impact of a single
> operator's round robin behaviour (or lack of same) was seen as
> negligible. now that we're putting so many eggs into so few baskets,
> global internet traffic can be shaped in any of them.
> running one's own recursive dns, by the way, is as easy as ever. and it
> allows a network operator to control for themselves not only round robin
> behaviour but also dnssec and other new feature implementation schedule.
> and now that we've got DNS RPZ it's possible to have the "safety"
> features like non-resolution of malicious domain names, that have up to
> now been "selling points" for outsourced (centralized) recursive dns.
> paul

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