[dns-operations] thoughts on DNSSEC

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Thu Jul 19 16:55:59 UTC 2012

On Jul 19, 2012, at 7:25 AM, WBrown at e1b.org wrote:
> And in order to pass OT&E testing, NetSol's client application must pass 
> muster.  So they must be able to handle DNSSEC.  Maybe I should give up 
> tilting at this windmill and live with DLV for now.  

IMHO, I think this sends the wrong message.  One of the highest bandwidth signals a for profit companies can receive is money walking away. Enough money walks away and priorities will get shifted. Using DLV and staying with NetSol merely reaffirms their de-prioritization of DNSSEC. 


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