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On Dec 17, 2012, at 11:55 AM, "Mike Hoskins (michoski)" <michoski at cisco.com> wrote:

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>> 于 2012-12-15 2:37, Fred Morris 写道:
>>> So therefore let me state that I suggest that the unwary reader SHOULD
>>> NOT
>>> paste this into a shell to find out. I'll spoil the fun and tell you
>>> that
>>> it would delete everything in whatever directory you were in, and all of
>>> the directories below it.
>> He is kind enough to not saying `rm -rf /`  :)
> It's been a long time since I was bored enough to try something like this
> for fun, but from what I remember on an old Solaris box "/" might be
> kinder -- if often fails quickly due to permissions, /dev being processed
> early, etc.
> If nothing else, this thread was a great advertisement for backups.

My favorite is noticing that emacs, mutt, whatever is not working right. So I do 'ls -al' and notice that .emacs.d, .mutt, whatever is owned by root…
Now, "obviously", chown'ing each directory is too hard / annoying, so I run:
sudo chown -R $USER .*

Yup, .* helpfully expands to '.' and '..' before '.emacs.d', and so chown walks up and then back down the fielsystem, chowning *everything* to $USER….

It usually[0] runs for 5 - 10 seconds before I wonder why it's all taking so long and realize the issue….

This biggest problem with this is that I always think that I can recover from this by copying permissions from another machine by doing 'ls -alR /', and then massaging the output with sed and awk and passing that back to chown….
This never results in a reasonable end state…


[0]: Yes, I have in fact done this more than once :-P
[1]: "Whenever faced with a problem, some people say `Lets use AWK.'
     Now, they have two problems." -- D. Tilbrook

> :-)
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