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Bedrich Kosata bedrich.kosata at nic.cz
Fri Sep 16 12:20:07 UTC 2011


this is a follow-up on an older announcement by Ondrej.
We have made some progress with the DSCng project which we would like to 
share with you.

The most important news is that in order to make it possible for others 
to try it and to promote cooperation, we set up the following:

  * public GIT repository (git://git.nic.cz/dscng)
  * public access to this project in our Redmine 
  * mailing list (https://lists.nic.cz/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dscng-dev)

You can find basic info about the project and its progress in a simple 
wiki (https://git.nic.cz/redmine/projects/dsc-ng/wiki) inside the 
Redmine project.
We also updated the demo website at http://devpub.labs.nic.cz/dscng/.

The source code now contains an (hopefully comprehensive) installation 
howto, so that the brave amongst you can try it out on their own data.

We plan to introduce DSCng in more detail at the DNS-OARC meeting in 
Vienna at the end of October and are looking forward to discuss new 
ideas there.
In the meantime, we can discuss things on the mailing list.

Best regards


p.s.- I strongly suggest using either Chrome or a newer version of 
Firefox for viewing the demo. Also, the demo site is currently under 
some load, so it might not be as responsive as it should be.

On 08/17/2011 02:42 PM, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Hi,
> this is really WIP, but you can taste what we are working here
> based on the last year discussion on the future of DSC:
> http://devpub.labs.nic.cz/dsc_ng/test_dygraph/
> Works best in a modern browser.
> The graphs there are based on the real data from DSC collector,
> which are imported into the PostgreSQL database and presented
> on top of the Django framework (go, go, Python).
> We plan to implement more eyecandy like graph mashups, and more.
> It's not the "show the code" quality yet, but we will release
> the source code to play with in few weeks.
> O.
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