[dns-operations] Why the record locates in com. zone?

Olof Johansson olof at ethup.se
Mon Sep 12 13:44:44 UTC 2011

On 2011-09-12 21:18 +0800, 刘明星:) wrote:
> sorry, I did not give a explicit discription about my
> question. The question is that in my opinion the RR
> "ns3.wondns.com.  172800 IN A" should not be
> included in the 'com.' zone but in the wondns.com zone.  The
> zq681.com zone is authorized to the servers ns3.wondns.com
> zone and ns4.wondns.com. Well, at the time, one question is
> coming ---where should be the addresses of the two servers
> stored? Maybe in the com zone or maybe in the wondns.com zone.
> It is known that wondns.com zone is Authorized out to the two
> servers --ns1.wondns.com and ns2.wondns.com, so the  RR
> "ns3.wondns.com.  172800 IN A" should exist in
> the wondns.com zone instead of the com zone. However, I find
> that the RR exists in the com zone. I want to know whether the
> RR should exist in the com zone.

This is a "glue record", used to avoid a circular dependency:

 "To know wowdns.com i need to know ns3.wowdns.com. To know
  ns3.wowdns.com I need to know wowdns.com."

If ns3.wowdns.com has an A record in the com. zone, you don't need to
be able to resolve ns3.wowdns.com in the wowdns.com zone. Does this
answer your question? 

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