[dns-operations] Short NS record names

PASZTOR Miklos pasztor at nic.hu
Wed May 11 14:14:16 UTC 2011


 We are going to introduce a new NS record for the .hu tld.  My intention
 is to change the *names* of all the NS records as well. (Retaining the
 actual old name servers.) I would like to do the Finnish way. Like:

 ns1.nic.hu. -> a.hu.

 Having all NS records in the form of ?.hu seems to have at least the
 following advantages:

 1. There is no need to look up any delegated zone (e.g. nic.hu) when
    resolving ns1.nic.hu.

 2. There is no need to define the A and AAAA records for the name server
    in a separate zone.

 3. Answers will get shorter.

 4. If you sign your zone you can sign these records straight in .hu, no
    need to have a secure delegation to nic.hu. (This speeds up validation
    as well.)

 Now I wonder if there are any disadvantages. I don't see any.


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