[dns-operations] IPv6 & IPv4 addresses

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Thu Mar 17 18:22:32 UTC 2011

> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 13:58:14 -0400
> From: Edward Lewis <Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz>
> QDCOUNT > 1 was "tossed out" when we realized we only had one RCODE 
> field.  (As in, if the RCODE is NXDOMAIN, does that relate to the 
> first question, second question, third question, all questions, 
> 2/3rds of the question...?)

in EDNS1 (circa 1999) i had this defined as requiring all QNAMEs to be
the same (since RCODE refers to the QNAME alone not the full q-tuple)
but this was tossed out as "too many moving parts" or similar.

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