[dns-operations] sudden influx of com. IN A queries to the roots

Stefan Schmidt zaphodb at zaphods.net
Wed Jun 29 08:02:01 UTC 2011

Dear list,

a few hours ago i stumbled upon a sudden influx of what seems to be
quite some IN A queries for some .com queries to the roots in various
root-servers.org statistics pages, namely l, k, h and m.
l.root's DSC [1] shows a sudden influx of roughly 40kqps since around
16-17:00 UTC that looks to be mostly for IN A [2] returning NOERROR
[3] and directed to .com or below [4].
h.root [5] and m.root [6] also shows additional pps coming in and
k.root [7] even has the curve on the rise which might suggest it being
related to clients waking up in europe and interestingly enough only
the LINX instance is seeing it.
Any root operators who might care to elaborate?


[1] http://dns.icann.org/cgi-bin/dsc-grapher.pl?window=86400&plot=qtype_vs_all_tld&server=L-root
[2] http://zaphods.net/dsc-qtype.png # made a copy in case [1] gets overloaded.
[3] http://zaphods.net/dsc-rcode.png
[4] http://zaphods.net/dsc-tlds.png
[5] http://h.root-servers.org/
[6] http://m.root-servers.org/
[7] http://k.root-servers.org/

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