[dns-operations] fewer PTRs plz (Re: reverse DNS for DHCPV6 and PD's)

Roosenraad, Chris chris.roosenraad at twcable.com
Mon Jun 13 19:21:05 UTC 2011

>Once upon a time, bert hubert <bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl> said:
>> The problem is, we spent in excess of a decade educating everyone that
>> having a reverse was the mark of sloppy administration or even that it
>> suggestive of being a spammy network.
>Well, that was the case when more end-users were submitting email
>directly to lots of different servers.  Now you should only see external
>email from actual mail servers, and those are easy to manage reverse DNS
>for (because most people don't have more than a handful of them).

Unfortunately, there are other services beyond just SMTP that use the
presence or lack there of for a PTR to enforce access rights.  Most are
older protocols (IRC, Anonymous FTP, etc), but they're out there, and I'm
pretty sure that they'll still be out there for v6.

And while I'd love to give out nothing for a v6 PTR record except for our
systems/biz customers, I'm not sure if these services will allow me to get
away with no PTR for residential customers...

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