[dns-operations] Quick analysis of TLD SOA's

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Wed Jul 13 15:54:36 UTC 2011

Joe Abley (jabley) writes:
> It's not the presence or absence of a hidden master that makes the SOA timers irrelevant, it's the mechanism by which zone data is propagated. For people using standard mechanisms, flooding NOTIFYs through a graph of nameservers makes REFRESH and RETRY values fairly unimportant.

	Fair enough, provided NOTIFYs are received :)

> EXPIRE is still something that needs some thought, in the sense that it determines how long you want to continue to serve stale data in the event that you lose access to a nameserver (and, conversely, how long you want to continue to answer queries in the event that your zone distribution fails).

	This is going to be highly dependent on the model - this might not even be
	honored by the name servers if they are service what they are told to be
	a master copy of the zone.

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