[dns-operations] Resolver operation an expired domain

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Jan 27 05:56:08 UTC 2011

50 hours (48 for the referral to clear the caches + 2 hours for the A record).

In message <005001cbbde3$02104e40$0630eac0$@iname.com>, "Frank Bulk" writes:
> Any A record you query against that NS returns =)
> It's 14 hours after we fixed things up, and a mass DNS query tool
> (http://www.mob.net/~ted/tools/dns.php3) still shows two NS servers in that
> list that have wrong (cached) information.  Our TTL is 24 hours, so I'm
> guess it could another 10 hours before all the collateral damage is
> resolved.  
> Frank
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