[dns-operations] Fwd: Introductions - iVenue and CommunityDNS.

Todd Lyons tlyons at ivenue.com
Fri Feb 18 22:19:23 UTC 2011

141 million names?  68% of the internet?  My gut reaction was that it
sounds like a system that's being abused for fast flux. Anybody use
these guys?  They don't use SPF and they don't DKIM sign, doesn't give
a good feeling at all.  Anybody else get the same UCE?

Regards...              Todd

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From: Chuck Kisselburg <Chuck.Kisselburg at communitydns.net>
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 1:57 PM
Subject: Introductions - iVenue and CommunityDNS.
To: tlyons at ivenue.com

Hi Todd,

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Chuck Kisselburg and I work with an organization by the
name of CommunityDNS.  (http://CommunityDNS.net)

Based in the UK with offices in the US and Japan, CommunityDNS is a
long-time global anycast provider, providing 100% uptime since we
first started providing services in 1996.  I am based in Portland,

With a network supporting roughly 68% of the Internet today with over
141,000,000 names, I would like to explore how our approach to
security, capacity and experience can assist iVenue in areas of:

+ Secure DNS services

+ High capacity services

+ Disaster mitigation

+ IPv6


I would appreciate scheduling time with you to learn more about
iVenue’s DNS requirements and how we, as an authoritative supplemental
DNS provider can assist with your efforts.

What follows is a brief on each of the elements mentioned above.

My full contact information can be found at the bottom of this e-mail.
 In the mean time please do not hesitate to let me know if you have
any questions.  I look forward to talking with you.



We currently support over 141,000,000 names, or roughly 68% of the
Internet today, thus very experienced in handling very large loads of
traffic.  Having designed and implemented our own platform, our levels
of capacity are larger and our security is stronger than found with
other DNS platforms.  To give you an idea as to how our platform
design aids in capacity, last year our node in Hong Kong was hit by a
large spike in traffic.  The traffic spike lasted for just under 2
hours.  During that time period this node comfortably processed over
863,000 transactions per second.  Regarding the network as a whole we
process, on a normal, non-busy day, over 20Gb per second of traffic
inbound and over 50Gb per second of traffic outbound.  With that said
we have been able to easily handle volumes of traffic where other DNS
platforms fail.

The level of security throughout our network is also unmatched and I
will be happy to dive into specifics if you wish.  One thing to note
is how we can assist with your organization’s disaster mitigation
plans.  If we encounter a new zone from you which is highly flawed we
will NOT provide the operator with an override.  What this does is
help prevent major outages whether by accident, disgruntled employee
or hacker.  Also, being a proprietary network we fit nicely with your
existing DNS infrastructure in areas of increased resilience through
platform diversity.

Regarding IPv6, we have been native IPv6 and IPv4 compliant since our
network’s platform was first designed.

As for DNSSEC we support all three aspects of DNSSEC (NSEC, NSEC3 and
NSEC3 with OptOut).  We initiated DNSSEC test beds in 2004, 2005 and
2007 regarding DNSSEC initiatives for certain TLDs.  Our platform has
been NSEC compliant since the platform was initially designed and
later became NSEC3 and NSEC3 with OptOut compliant shortly after the
specifications were settled in early 2008.  Currently our network
supports 49 zones signed with NSEC, 2 zones signed with NSEC3 and 18
zones signed with NSEC3 with OptOut.

We also have a tool, http://www.Security-DNS.net, which allows
organizations to sign their zones with DNSSEC and manage their DNSSEC
zones, including generating new keys.

With this brief introduction I would appreciate seeing how we, as an
authoritative supplemental service, can provide additional resilience
for your organization by adding us to your existing DNS

I would enjoy learning more about iVenue and how we may be able to
assist your organization.  If you wish I will be glad to schedule time
with you to dive into further details.  Just let me know what works
best with your schedule.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any
questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck Kisselburg | Director, Strategic Partnerships | CommunityDNS |
Office: +1 (503) 928-7967 | Skype: chuck.kisselburg | Time Zone:
Pacific | chuck.kisselburg at communitydns.net |

CommunityDNS: Engineered for security, optimized for speed, designed
for resilience.

Regards...      Todd
I seek the truth...it is only persistence in self-delusion and
ignorance that does harm.  -- Marcus Aurealius

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