[dns-operations] DNSSEC undoing independence of root-zone operators

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Wed Feb 16 16:33:51 UTC 2011

On 16 Feb 2011, at 00:54, Phil Pennock wrote:

> My proposal doesn't change the protocol.

Frankly, your proposal does not make sense. Sorry. It's not even clear  
what "problem" it solves or why the root server operators need to be  
dragged into your solution.

Anyone who wants to fork the root for whatever reason is free to do  
so. [The Internet root zone is openly available to anyone who wants a  
copy.] They can even sign their customised version with their own  
trust anchor if they want. This is no different from how many  
intranets have private name spaces and their own root zones lurking  
behind the corporate firewall. The Internet's root server operators  
have no involvement in these creatures either.

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