[dns-operations] DNSSEC outage in ripe.net and 0.a.2.ip6.arpa

Wolfgang Nagele wnagele at ripe.net
Thu Apr 21 06:12:42 UTC 2011

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Dear colleagues,

As some of you have noticed we had another DNSSEC outage last week. The zones
affected were:

ripe.net:       11:29 - 16:00 UTC on 14 April
0.a.2.ip6.arpa: 02:31 - 10:00 UTC on 15 April

After analysis with our vendor, we determined that the cause of this outage was
the same bug that caused the outage in e164.arpa on 15 February 2011.

Our vendor concluded that the bug on 15 February was caused by an unusually high
load on the signer system, but this time the system was in normal day-to-day
operation, so that can't explain the failure.

We've collected a sufficient amount of data from this incident to allow us to
reproduce the circumstances and have found the bug in the system together with
our vendor. We will receive an updated version of the software within the coming
weeks. We have agreed to this timeline because this bug is only triggered in
specific circumstances during a Key Signing Key rollover.

We apologise for this outage. I would like to use the opportunity to point out
that our long-term mitigation plan is to have a DNSSEC verification
proxy in place. I am happy to say that our efforts for this have been
well-received and a group of other interested parties has formed to work on it.

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Wolfgang Nagele
DNS Group Manager
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