[dns-operations] New U.S. Senate Bill re DNS Blocking

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Tue Sep 21 23:45:36 UTC 2010

Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 03:12:10PM -0700, Livingood, Jason wrote:
>>Not sure if many folks have yet taken notice of this:
>>Included is:
>>…a service provider…or other operator of a domain name system server
>>shall take reasonable steps that will prevent a domain name from
>>resolving to that domain name’s Internet protocol address;
> What the heck does that even mean? :)

I'll take a guess - 'If we have decided that the folks using a domain name are 
being "naughty" (per our definition of naughty) then anyone operating a DNS 
server must implement a means by which folks trying to resolve that name to an 
IP address won't be able to do so.'

IE they think it will (help) block access to the naughtiness.

rick jones

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