[dns-operations] v6, fragmentation, DNS

Florian Weimer fweimer at bfk.de
Wed May 26 08:08:13 UTC 2010

* Joe Abley:

> My current rendering of truth is that v6 fragmentation can't
> usefully work with stateless services over UDP, and hence needs to
> be disabled.

It's PMTUD that doesn't work.  But the network MTU is sufficiently
large that it does not matter.  (There is no network MTU for IPv4.)

Regarding the VPN issue, I don't think that it matters anymore.  You
really want to have zero packet loss on VPN links with little jitter,
otherwise interactive applications will just suck.  And once you've
got that, it means that you can fragment tunnelled packets as
necessary, without ill effects.

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