[dns-operations] Missing .us and GTLD records??

Roger Marquis marquis at roble.com
Thu May 20 00:05:10 UTC 2010

Brett Frankenberger wrote:
> If "J" didn't exist, you wouldn't be objecting.  So your position seems
> to be that you believe that 5 servers, all of which have IPv4
> connectivity, is better than 6 servers, 5 of which have IPv4
> connectivity.

The problem is not that J exists but rather that it is being advertised
to IPv4-only clients which it cannot serve.  This is extremely bad
planning, though somewhat par for the course of IPv6's rollout.
Proactive end-users are already deleting J from their "hint" zone

The root cause of this change management failure seems to be a small
group of network engineers with too much responsibility and too little
exposure to end-users.  The attitude seems to be "I can get IPv6 why
should I care that you can't", much like web 2.0 developers who don't
consider end-users behind dial-up lines.

The net effect can only be to push IPv6 adoption out farther still.

Roger Marquis

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