[dns-operations] Missing .us and GTLD records??

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed May 19 22:19:16 UTC 2010

At 17:03 -0400 5/19/10, Luis Uribarri wrote:

>Now I'm a bit confused, if "J" was also a member of an IPv4 anycast cloud,
>why not publish it? And if that can't be done, just pubish the same IPv4 as
>one of the other working letters.

See "I".  That is the anycasted version of the "J" server.

>I know it will be a very very long time before I (and the majority of
>the internet) can talk IPv6 natively. Is our punishment for that to be cut
>off from "J".

The data in "J" is the same data in "I".  It's even the same process.

>I can update all my tools, but that is still not going to get me to be able
>to talk to "J".

What you do lose is a second path from your machine to the "J" box. 
Think of this in three pieces.  There's your network, the ISP, and my 
network.  If your network goes down, then you lose connectivity 
completely.  If my network goes down I'll switch what you see to 
another node - either another I in IPv4 or to, I think it's K in 
IPv6.  If the ISP fails - that's the issue in play.  You are saying 
you are stuck because the ISP isn't offering v6 - well, yeah, that's 
a problem.  You do have more say in fixing that - you could use a 
tunnel provider or buy transit from someone else.  We can't do much 
more than we are ... no matter who you choose to reach us we will be 
there.  (Providing your ISP is legitimately sending traffic, peering, 

>Seams like it could be fixed, but I would say that my resolver not being
>able to talk to "2 out of 9" of the auth servers for the TLD is
>a nice side effect.

The same situation exists with TV and other technologies.  My old TV 
gets only the analog stations on cable and not the digital ones.  My 
car is so old it has the old Freon (CFC-12) in the A/C system, which 
is no longer available.  Both my car and truck came before 
passenger-side airbags, GPS, etc.  And my house is from the 70's and 
lacks sprinkler systems present in newer townhomes.

Technology advances.  You have the choice to retool or lose 
functionality.  Losing functionality isn't necessarily bad - unless 
you consider it critical.

Edward Lewis
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