[dns-operations] Registration Operations Mail List

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Mar 26 18:05:08 UTC 2010

As an outcome of a meeting of approximately 40 registration operators 
on March 24, 2010 (coincident with IETF 77) a new mail list has been 
established for the discussion of Internet Registration Operations 

The kinds of operators that may be interested in the discussions on 
this list include:

    Regional Internet Registries
    Domain Name registries (such as gTLD , ccTLD)
    Resellers of domain names
    National Internet Registries
    Local Internet Registries (including Internet Service Providers)
    Managed DNS service operators
    and possibly others

Examples of acceptable topics for the list:

    Transfer of DNSSEC (and DNS) parameters into registries
    Determining means to measure registration-related performance
    Issues with provisioning protocols, including EPP extensions
    Directory Inspection (aka WhoIs) methods
    Escrow policies (*)
    Discussion of threats involving the registration system

Although these registration services involve the operations of DNS, this list
is not intended to be a primary discussion venue for the DNS even if DNS
is a common theme.

The discussion on the list is considered public and will encourage 
the development of work efforts directed towards the IETF when 
appropriate and/or other organizations.

Oh, the name of the list is regops at nlnetlabs.nl
Subscription address: regops-request at nlnetlabs.nl

Please allow some time for discussion to begin.

* - There is an active effort to establish IETF work on escrow on ire at ietf.org.
Edward Lewis
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