[dns-operations] Odd behaviour on one node in I root-server (facebook, youtube & twitter)

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Thu Mar 25 11:04:14 UTC 2010

On Mar 24, Mauricio Vergara Ereche <mave at nic.cl> wrote:

> A local ISP has told us that there's some strange behavior with at least one 
> node in i.root-servers.net (traceroute shows mostly China)
> It seems that when you ask A records for facebook, youtube or twitter, you get 
> an IP and not the referral for .com

A major DNSBL (IIRC it was SURBL) noticed the same issue last year, they
had to pull their chinese public name servers because they caused false
positives for URIBL queries for e.g. youtube.com.

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