[dns-operations] Status of IANA DNSSEC testbed after 2010-07-15?

Marco Davids (SIDN) marco.davids at sidn.nl
Mon Jun 21 12:04:20 UTC 2010


On 2010-06-21 13:01, Joe Abley wrote:

>> Can anyone tell me what the status of the IANA testbed will be after
>> 2010-07-15?

> be assured that we will not do anything with it without reasonable notice being given.
> Out of interest, how long after the root is signed would you expect the IANA testbed to keep running?

No longer than 1 month, at most. Probably considerably shorter. I
remember I hacked some sourcecode here and there (in particular root.c
of drill comes to my mind, to change the hard coded bootstrap
information inthere). All I need is a little time to get over these
changes and restore them in orderly fashion. No big deal, I don't run
production systems via the testbed :-)

I have full confidence that things will be fine, thank you for the



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