[dns-operations] Wacky idea of the week

Alexander Mayrhofer alexander.mayrhofer at nic.at
Mon Jul 26 08:13:41 UTC 2010


> On the contrary, I have repeatedly floated this idea as the obvious
> way around the bletcherous "put this bit of data into some hard-coded
> domain name".  You are the very first person I know of who was willing
> to say, "Yes, let's do that."
> I am willing to work on this idea if you are too.  I haven't bothered
> so far because I'm not really an operator, so I have no dog in the
> race.  But anything's got to be better than magic domain names not
> even signed in the DNS.

Note there has been related work on providing pointers to WHOIS servers:


I think there are many similar topics out there, for example the old
"TLD structure problem" that applies to cookies.


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