[dns-operations] Wacky idea of the week

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Mon Jul 26 00:06:20 UTC 2010

On 07/25/10 16:05, Jay Daley wrote:
> This morning (yes it's morning here) we started to accept IDN 
> registrations


> and that means we have to go through all sorts of hoops telling the
> browser manufacturers.  I would much rather we could have just
> published a policy indicator under .nz that the browsers detected and
> used IDNs.

Excellent plan!

> I also occasionally have to think about updating the list under 
> publicsuffix.org,

I don't see where their list deals with IDNs.

> which I would prefer not to do and instead to publish a policy under
> .nz so everyone knows where our registrations and second levels are.
> Anyone else think this is worthwhile or will there be a clamour of 
> "you can't use DNS for that!'?

Well if there is, they can bugger off. :)

But seriously folks, this is a good idea, and I'd encourage you to think
in terms of "how can domain holders signal policy for various things?"
rather than limiting it strictly to IDNs. As much as we may turn up our
noses at HOW mozilla implemented the publicsuffix stuff, their idea has
merit, and given the fairly high adoption rate it's information that
people want to have available. Putting it in a readily available dynamic
form would obviously be preferable, but if we don't give them a better
alternative ...

I'd encourage you to pursue this, probably in dnsop.



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